About Us JayCraft Food Machinery UK Ltd is a family run company based in Fincham, Norfolk. We have been trading as such for over 10 years and continue to grow as a company over the years.

The company’s success stems mainly from Jon Murphy. With over 25 years of engineering experience, Jon is well known in the food machinery industry for his high standards of work and quality customer service. At JayCraft Food Machinery Uk ltd, we gain the most attention from our stand alone batch peelers. Designed and manufactured purely by JayCraft and currently on its fourth upgrade from its original design in 2003. The JayCraft peeler, with its cylindrical shape and stand alone design – making the machine much easier to clean – makes for a cleaner and more hygienic peeling machine. The JayCraft Peeler has been updated and remodelled only four times since the first prototype, and each design change has been made after talking to customers directly, gaining their knowledge of using our made-to-order machines, as well as in house trials. We have also upgraded very recently to a touch screen style control panel. As technology grows, so do we here at JayCraft Food Machinery UK Ltd. Of course we don’t only engineer the JayCraft Peeler, and have a variety of food processing machinery available. Some new, some built to order, some bespoke, some used, some refurbished … the list goes on! So whatever your needs, be it a single machine to an entire peeling line, we here at JayCraft Food Machinery UK Ltd would be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have. For more information please feel free to contact us on:
Chapel Farm,
PE33 9HF
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